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Feb 16, 2004 Canmore, Alberta

500 Calls for 500 Bears: Take Action to Protect Alberta's Grizzlies The February 2nd decision by the Alberta Government to allow a spring grizzly bear hunt is irresponsible and has Albertans, Canadians and people from around the world questioning the sincerity of Alberta's Premier Ralph Klein to protect and recover this threatened species. The decision to allow a grizzly bear hunt is counter to the recommendations of both the Alberta Grizzly Bear Recovery Team and the Alberta Endangered Species Conservation Committee.

1. Please phone the Premier of Alberta by dialing 310-0000 in Alberta, or (780) 427-2251 outside of the province. Once you have called please click here
Wildcanada.net Network at: www.wildcanada.net

Clearcut logging continues in Canada's rainforests

Jan 14, 2003 VANCOUVER - Destructive clearcut logging continues in the Great Bear Rainforest despite historic agreements reached almost two years ago to implement more environmentally responsible logging and to protect critical areas of Canadaís rainforests, says a new report by three leading environmental organizations.
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