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Featured Hero: Julia “Butterfly” Hill

Julia "Butterfly" Hill takes her commitment to the environment seriously. So seriously, in fact, she spent 2 years - that's 278 days - living in 55 meters above ground in the branches of an over 300-meter-tall California Redwood Tree she named "Luna".

For two long years - through cold winter storms, heavy rains, and driving winds - Julia remained in her treetop home. She occupied the tree, which is over 1000-years-old, as part of a fifteen-year struggle to save the Headwaters Forest in California and the 3% of the ancient redwood ecosystem that remains there.

Her occupation ended after an agreement was reached with Pacific Lumber/Maxxam Corporation, the landowner, to permanently protect the tree and a 60 meter radius buffer zone from logging. Her non-violent protest, which lasted from 1997 - 1999, attracted media attention around the world and made her the world's most recognized "tree-sitter"! More importantly her actions raised public awareness of the threat to California's old growth forests.

Either on the ground or in a tree, Julia "Butterfly" Hill is truly an inspiration to people all around the world. Her heroic actions gained her the honor of being the youngest person to be inducted into the Ecology Hall of Fame.

Julia currently heads an environmental organization called The Circle of Life Foundation. She spends much of her time on the road speaking to community groups, students, teachers, youth groups and activists.