DC Adventure is a fun, positive way for students to implement low cost energy efficiency, water conservation or waste reduction projects in their school. In the DC Adventure, students form a team and assess some of the environmental nasties happening in their school, figure out how to fix them and get real $$$ to make it work. DC Adventure is part of the Green Street program, which receives funding from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation to help young Canadians not just become aware of sound environmental practices but actually implement them.

The adventure is structured like a climb up Everest ­ each stage is given an appropriate name, such as Base Camp, Summit, etc., and students choose a ‘character’ based on their own character strengths. The characters are also based on a mountain climbing theme, such as Sherpa, Climbing Sirdar, etc.

First, the group needs approval from Green Street in order to get the funding in place. Follow the link on our front page to get to the Green Street submission form. Once approval has been granted, students will be given a username and password to get them onto the site, and half the money necessary for the project will be sent to the school. Schools will receive the balance of the funds once the final report is submitted!

Working in a group, students read information about water conservation, energy efficiency and waste reduction in schools. They can then choose one of these paths for their adventure. Using printable worksheets, students conduct an ‘audit’ on their school. Once they have collected the pertinent information, they collate and analyze it in creating an action plan: where and how changes will be made, by whom and how much the changes will cost. This action plan is submitted to DC!