3-4 weeks

Yay! This is it! This is where you actually get to put all your good planning into ACTION! Once you have received your approval and cheque from DC, you can go ‘full steam ahead’ on implementing your DC Adventure! Use all the materials you prepared in Second Camp to make sure your ‘action implementation’ is organized and fun! If maintenance personnel need to be involved, schedule implementation with them. Keep up progress reports, and be prepared to use your team's best diplomacy and problem solving skills! This part of the adventure may be challenging, but it will also be very rewarding.

While you’re waiting for your cheque, why not get moving on planning your wrap-up celebration? You can use the printables provided here to help with basic planning (use the Celebration Survey first to determine what sort of event you should plan, what you’ll need, etc.), timelines and budgeting! You will be celebrating all the terrific work you’ve done and letting others know (if you want to include them) all about your adventure! If you plan to invite others to your celebration, you may want to make sure to provide a big promotional ‘splash’ to make sure all your hard work is recognized!


Team Leader ­ Your input will be invaluable at this stage. Here is where all the plans of the group need to be implemented, so you will need to take charge and make sure all the necessary plans are being carried out, that team members are working together, and that timelines and budgets are being met. You will also need to make sure that the team is gathering enough information so that completing your final report will be easy. You may want to organize frequent meetings to make sure the adventure is on track and to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Assign someone (or several team members) the job of “official photographer” to document each stage of the implementation. You will want to make sure to have photographs of your wrap-up celebration as well.

Expedition Liaison ­ During this stage, you will be involved in both the adventure implementation and the celebration planning. You will need to work with your team and the school administrators (custodian, principal and teachers) to make sure everyone knows exactly what you are doing and when you will be doing it. You will also need to ask the right people if and when you need help (and perhaps supplies). Your help will be needed in planning your DC Adventure celebration, too!


Climbing Sirdar ­ Your attention to detail and desire to check, and double check will really come in handy as the team implements the adventure. You can also help the Sherpa, Logistics Officer and Diarist collecting all the relevant data for the final report. Work with the group on planning the celebration! You can use the printables below to help you get organized.

Sherpa, Logistics Officer and Diarist ­ One of your main tasks at this stage, as well as doing your part to implement the adventure, is to keep meticulous records, and make sure that enough information is being gathered for the final report.

Guide ­ Your project management skills will be invaluable here! You can help the Team Leader break down tasks and assign them to the proper group or individual, ensure all necessary tools and supplies are available, and that each team member is passing on the right info to the Diarist, Sherpa and Logistics Officer so they can gather the materials for the final report. You can also help out with the celebration planning! Work with the Sirdar, Expedition Liaison and Team Leader to get the group organized so the celebration planning can be divided into tasks, which can be assigned to individuals or groups!


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