4-5 weeks

You will submit! Your finalized action plan to DC Adventure Head Office, that is.

This stage takes a fair amount of time, because you have to fine tune your action plan, gather all your info, get going on all your tasks, do progress reports, gather info and prepare and submit the action plan. Think of a smooth, high, vertical rock face looming above you ­ standing between you and the summit! Now is when YOU have to prepare to tackle it! You’ll want to make sure you have ALL the pieces in place before you start your climb to the summit!!

Team Leader ­ OK, here’s where you have to get really organized and on task ­ and most of all, motivate your team! At this stage of your climb, your DC Adventure team needs to do all the investigative work (what needs to be done, how, by whom) get pricing information (how much will it all cost), make sure the printable ‘visas’ (permission forms) are filled in and sent back to us, and work on your action plan! Your group should have regular meetings and team members should be prepared to present progress reports to the group. Sound tough?! Well, maybe a bit, but you can’t make it to the summit of Everest without a challenge!

Guide ­ Here’s your chance to shine! Your help will be invaluable to the Team Leader in organizing tasks, assigning duties, developing timelines and duty rosters, (see printables), organizing regular team meetings, and being the ‘on the ground’ support person to help all the team members trouble-shoot any difficulties they may encounter. Use the calendar printable to log meetings, responsibilities, and duties and to make sure you and your team members stay on track.


Expedition Liaison, Climbing Sirdar and Logistics Officer - Now that your DC Adventure group has done the school assessments, it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of how much it’s going to cost! It will be your job to find out what supplies need to be purchased, how many (or how much) will be needed and what the cost will be. We have developed a pricing sheet to help you tackle this job (print a pricing sheet for each item you need to purchase). Remember ­ when you are phoning around asking about pricing (ask to speak with the manager), tell him/her about your adventure, the number of items you are looking for and ask what sort of a discount s/he would be willing to give you. There may be some materials and supplies that are available (at no cost) from your school, or that can be purchased cheaply through the District. Ask your custodian and/or principal about the school policy for purchasing your items.

Expedition Liaison and Sherpa ­ You will be in charge of getting all the visas stamped, signed and submitted to the Diarist. You will need to present the pricing information to your sponsoring teacher(s), your principal, and your custodian and get them to “ok” it by signing off on permission letters (see printable for an example letter). You should ask your custodian whether s/he needs to get permission from the School Board Division Facilities Manager before s/he can implement the changes you are proposing in your adventure.


Expedition Liaison, Guide and Team Leader ­ Climbing Everest is a newsworthy event... and the whole school should know all about it!! You need a promotion/marketing plan to let everyone know about your DC Adventure. How can you get the word out? How can you keep everyone updated? Think up some really cool ideas and present them at the weekly meetings for the team's input! Once youve agreed upon a plan, you can start to implement it! Check out our Promotions Plan Ideas for some ideas.

Team Leader, Diarist/Communications, Climbing Sirdar, Logistics Officer ­ Heres where you need to gather the work of the other group members and start putting it all together in the Action Plan. You should keep hard copies of the action plan in a folder or binder, and keep submitted materials (visas, pricing sheets, etc.) in the binder as well. This way your notes will be well organized and in one place, which will make adding to the action plan much easier. The best way to get started on the Action Plan is to print off a copy and start looking over what needs to be done. While the group members are off getting pricing information and visas, you can start filling in some of the background information (what are the goals of your DC Adventure, etc.).

Good luck!


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