Are you ready to embark on your journey?? Your DC Adventure is divided into 5 stages ­ Planning and Preparation, Base Camp, Second Camp, Summit and Descent. Each stage takes a different amount of time (we’ll give you estimates) and each stage involves a different set of talents.

Your Adventure can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 13 weeks depending on how fast you want to reach the top. It is up to you to decide! We also provide you with lots of resources to help you through your adventure such as character audits, an action plan sheet, a calendar, a duty roster, a permission letter, a pricing sheet, a promotions plan and assessments you can do on your school. You can pick and choose what you want to use and what you don't. You don’t have to use them all! Remember, you’re the one in charge.

The first stage, Planning and Preparation, starts right here, right now!! If you want a sneak peek at the rest of the stages, click on the links below to read a brief description of what you’ll be doing at each stage

Stage 1 ­ Planning and Preparation: 1 week

Every successful adventure starts with a whole bunch of in-depth, properly done planning! You wouldn’t cram a chocolate bar in your pocket and head out to climb Everest, and you can’t sensibly expect a fat cheque to be written for your DC Adventure Team without all the proper permissions and research. Who are your team members? Who are your teacher/advisors? Which sort of Adventure is right for your school and your team? What are the particular strengths of your team members?



Adventure start:

OK team! First, you need to let us know all about you and your school! Just think of us as intrepid CNN journalists who want to chronicle your journey! Click on the BASIC INFO link, fill in all the blanks and then submit it to us!

Once the teacher advisors and the interested students are assembled, the quest planning can commence. Weekly meetings are a good way to reach adventure goals in a reasonable amount of time.

Adventures are best accomplished in teams. Each member of the team will bring unique perspectives and strengths to the journey. Every successful team also needs a democratically selected leader who will take input from the team members, but who is also ultimately responsible for making sure that everything is done properly. Each member of the adventure team might be assigned a special assignment for which they are responsible, or use their specific skills for different sections of the adventure. To help choose your character-skills, click on the character audit and print out one copy for each group member. Once you take the test (be honest with yourself), you will see which character best suits your strengths! The chosen characters will then appear as recommendations on the various stages of the quest.



Download Character Audit & Print

Character Audit

OK ­ once you’ve chosen your characters, submitted your basic info, and are ready to proceed ­ click on the “ENTER” button under the “Stages” index to get to Base Camp. You will be asked for your username and password (you get this from DC once you have been approved for your adventure by Green Street ­ if you missed the Green Street submission form on the front page, click here to go there now!) If you don’t have a username and password yet, you can still check out the front page for each stage by selecting the “INFO” link!

Are you in the middle of your ascent to the top? Welcome back! Click on the “ENTER” button on the left sidebar and choose which stage of the adventure you’re at!



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